Project Details
Location: King of Prussia, PA
Year: 2016
Size: 1,850 SF

The Fat Ham


The Fat Ham is situated as the central kiosk within Savor, the featured Dining Plaza of King of Prussia Mall’s recently completed Connector Expansion.

It is a unique, fashionable and stimulating dining experience centered upon Chef Kevin Sbraga’s Southern-inspired cuisine.  The charming aesthetic of The Fat Ham brand is balanced with the Dining Plaza’s surrounding modern context, while the goal for the guest experience is an elevated and nostalgic sense of Southern hospitality, communicated through the kiosk’s form, materials and detailing.

The design strategy is focused on the incorporation of elements that are weathered and rustic, authentic and familiar, and welcoming and approachable.  The combination of these elements creates an inviting structure with warm textures and tones and an overall ambiance that is casual and enticing.