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Eimer Design is more than an architecture firm. We are a close-knit studio of architects and designers dedicated to creating innovative spaces.

Our studio mindset cultivates the kind of creativity you’d expect from a big shop, with the efficiency of a small one. We are passionate about designing and developing spaces that create an experience.

The projects we work on are ones that people interact with every day. Our small, collaborative environment allows us to work quickly, increase effectiveness, and provide higher value to our clients. The result? Thoughtfully designed and engaging spaces.

Our team works hard to represent every partner thoroughly and thoughtfully, providing design expertise every step of the way. These relationships have become the foundation of our creative process, ensuring that each project is executed seamlessly from start to finish.

Studio Team

Ed Eimer


Adrienne Yancone

Studio Director

Luca Segato

Designer / Project Manager

Adrian Forowycz

Project Architect / Visual Designer

Chrissy Thompson

Senior Interior Designer

Lauren Fleming

Senior Interior Designer

Amit Ahluwalia

Project Architect

Anthony Faino

Project Architect

Rob Brown

Project Architect

Angel Troiano

Interior Designer

Hilary Innis

Interior Designer

Sarah Wood

Project Architect

Amir Sadeghi

Project Architect

Amanda Marconi

Interior Designer

Gabriela Morales