Project Details
Location: Flushing, New York
Year: 2022
Size: 33,000 SF

Skyview Food Hall | Flushing, NY

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The Skyview Food Hall converts 33,000 sf of vacant retail space on two levels of the mall into connected, vibrant and activate space. Because the mall is designed on multiple levels and half levels, the customer always experiences the space from below – from both inside and outside the building. This lead to a design strategy to activate the ceiling plane with various planes, shapes and features. The interior design direction is influenced by the vendor curation approach to celebrate international cuisine, with a primary emphasis on south east Asian offerings.

To better connect the levels, a large open stair is being cut into the space. This feature creates a large visual corridor between floors and immediately transforms the atmosphere into a light-filled atrium. The food vendors have been sized and placed to create clusters of complimentary cuisines. A large central bar is placed on each floor and a 2nd floor stage brings music, dance and vibrancy to the space.