Project Details
Location: Denver, Colorado
Year: 2020
Size: 12,000 sf

Junction Food + Drink Food Hall | Denver, CO

Food Halls

This 12,000 square foot food hall provides elevated food and beverage offerings at Colorado Center in Denver. The project features 12 local and national vendors and a wide variety of cuisines including Japanese, Hawaiian, Latin, Peruvian and Italian.

The long, narrow building footprint was manipulated to anchor one end with coffee and all-day breakfast offerings while the opposite end provides clustered, adaptable seating arrangements and a performance area. The center section is lined with full service vented vendor stalls, low profile non-vented vendor stalls and a large indoor/outdoor bar.

Interior design elements are influenced by Colorado’s great outdoors traditions.
Local stone and wood are used on vertical surfaces and heavy wood and metal trusses were selected for roof supports. The column free space offers a truly unified space with multiple zones for dining and socializing.