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Rock Row Food Hall highlighted in new JLL Report

Rock Row Food Hall in Portland, ME was one of eight food halls highlighted in the new JLL “So You Want to Build a Food Hall” report.  The caption reads:

Rock Row in Portland, ME, is being designed and curated to celebrate a local industry of distilleries and breweries (Portland has one of the highest numbers of craft breweries per capita in the US).  The developer, along with the design team, is dedicating a significant amount of space to tasting rooms and bars to showcase this local industry and to give the local vendors an opportunity to scale their business.  There will be a 2,000-square-foot brewery in addition to six tasting rooms that will account for about 3,000 square feet.  There will also be rooftop seating to accommodate socializing and hanging out.  The project is being developed by Waterstone Properties with curation by Colicchio Consulting and design guidance from Eimer Design.

The full article can be read on here or on here.