Project Details
Location: Portland, Maine
Year: 2021
Size: 25,000 SF

Rock Row Brewery & Food Hall | Portland, ME

Brewery, Upcoming Food Halls

This bi-level brewery and food hall is the centerpiece of the $2B, 100 acre mixed-use development on the border of Portland and Westbrook Maine. The Brewery and Food Hall building is strategically placed within the overall development on the edge of a 400 foot long vacant quarry on one side and with a hardscaped open plaza on the other. The quarry will be filled with water and will be activated with water shows, boating and seasonal hockey tournaments. This placement dictated architectural design and interior planning.

The hinged building shape facilitated better view of the building from streets and sidewalks and better views of the plaza and quarry from within. The planning strategy focuses on food and family on the first floor. Multiple food offerings and an indoor/outdoor brewery bar are located on that level. The second floor celebrates Maine’s vibrant craft brewing and distilling scene. This level contains tasting rooms that provide a more focused yet communal experience. The second floor is supplemented with a live performance/video projection stage, an indoor/outdoor oyster bar and access to a rooftop area with 225 seats overlooking the Quarry and plaza.