Project Details
Location: Omaha, NE
Year: 2019
Size: 8,000 SF

Inner Rail Food Hall | Omaha, NE

Food Halls

This design converts 8,000 sf of ground floor space at the base of a 4 story parking garage that was previously dedicated to in-line retail and converts it into a vibrant social space that celebrates the diverse food offerings in and around Omaha. Vendors a wide variety of food offerings including crepes, tacos, bahn mi, biryani and Nepalese dumplings. The space is efficiently designed to create a large central communal dining space to celebrate the communal gathering aspects of this lively social space.

The layout strategically placed the central bar on the exterior wall, integrating 12 outdoor seats on the open public walkway between the food hall and an adjacent 10 story corporate office tower. This placement allows the bar and adjacent retractable glass walls to create an “open air” engagement between outdoor pedestrian walkway and indoor dining space. This strategy expands the food hall capacity and activities with 200 seats, fire pits and outdoor games.

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