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Food Hall Design

Eimer Design is the most experienced Food Hall architecture and design firm in the U.S. We have been immersed in the Food Hall industry since 2015 and have worked on more than 30 food halls across the U.S., Canada and Middle East. Our ideas are leading the design movement towards more efficient vendor stalls and more vibrant social spaces – a balance that produces more efficient food hall operations and enhanced customer experiences.

Our beliefs are simple: design, operations and the customer experience are interdependent. The intimate relationship of programming/planning and a food hall’s operations are essential. A food hall must be planned for operational efficiency, financial expectation and the customer experience. If these key factors are not integrated, the food hall’s ultimate success will be compromised.

Food Hall Architects

Eimer Design works in close collaboration with national food hall consultants and operators to create correctly balanced spaces that correctly blend vendor stalls, services, activities and unique opportunities to create vibrant social settings.

Our planning skills are sought after by many food hall developers and their ability to continually adapt vendor spaces and layouts that create wonderful environments are leading to some of the most innovative food hall designs across the U.S. and Canada.

To learn more about our work, upcoming projects, and the continued evolution of the food hall industry, check out out downloadable PDFs below. We also encourage you to view our upcoming food hall projects.

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